Vancouver, BC (October 19, 2004) – Subplot Design Inc.’s most recent branding and identity project for Seattle-based Bright Night USA launched at the InterBike Show in Las Vegas on October 6, 2004. CycLite and StrideLite brands represent the latest example of Subplot’s dedication to offering strategic marketing and communications planning combined with breakthrough creative brand design.


Conceived by Ian Bouchard of Bright Night USA, CycLite and StrideLite products are “Strobe-lite Safety Gear for Runners and Cyclists”. These technologically-advanced products feature 24-micron-thin Electroluminescent Lamps that are completely flexible, virtually weightless and highly durable in extreme environments. This allows the high intensity blue strobe-lite and 3MTM reflective material to offer unparalleled 360 degree visibility for up to 1/4 mile. And while the lamps are extremely powerful, an innovative low-power platform allows 2 “AAA” batteries to last 200+ hours before they need to be changed.


All CycLite and StrideLite products integrate the strobe-light strips directly into the garments: a far more streamlined and more effective alternative to bulky lighting add-ons. CycLite products include commuter and high-performance jackets, a lightweight vest, and simple lighted belts, with new helmets and packs on the way. StrideLite products include the Strobe-lite belt and the lightweight running vest. New hydration, apparel and pack products are also in development.


“Clearly this brand is a unique synthesis of safety, lighting, fashion and sport”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot Design founding partner. “The brand identity needed to build a strong metaphor for this synthesis, as well as establish the brand in a way that is both relevant and highly unique to this competitive and brand-savvy active-lifestyle audience”.


The logomarks for both CycLite and StrideLite play on ubiquitous industrial hazard and warning symbols, while integrating the athlete into the symbol. The identity and packaging system relies heavily on cues and features of the safety vernacular: fluorescent colours, reflective metal finishes, bold signage-style typography and an instructional “data manual” sensibility to aid in product understanding. A sense of fun and attitude is introduced to the communications to engage the athletic audience with the lines “You Will See The Lite”, “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”, and “Always Wear Protection When You Go Out At Night”. A high sense of design style is also important in establishing the fashion stance of the brand, and helps draw together the most salient brand features. “From R&D to prototyping, I am obsessive about every detail of my garments, electronics, fabrication and product design”, says Ian Bouchard, president of Bright Night USA. “What I look for in a graphic design firm is someone who can match my perfectionism, and bring my brand to life. Subplot takes the time to understand my business and my market. They develop a strong brand strategy, and then do what many brand consultants fail to do: they follow it up with outstanding creative design. What I get is a fully-conceived brand from logo and identity to sales collateral to packaging to campaigns. Not only is it an intelligently-conceived, consistent brand plan, but it’s like nothing out there.”


Bouchard continues, “Unless you can wait 10 years for a brand to establish itself organically, it takes Subplot’s kind of creative thinking to launch a brand in a crowded market.”


“Creative thinkers are the new business advantage”, adds Clark of Subplot. “We bring an objective, creative voice that can see from the outside-in, and can take well-conceived products and services and help organizations connect with their consumers. Our role as marketing strategists and design professionals is exactly what businesses need to break through.”


CycLite and StrideLite products were showcased at the InterBike Show at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas from October 6th to 8th, 2004. Along with enthusiastic support of the brand from attendees, orders were taken from Independent and National retailers, with International Sports Apparel brands expressing interest in co-branding opportunities. National roll-out will follow in independent sports retailers and national chains with a full identity, packaging and point-of sale program and marketing campaign by Subplot Design for 2005.


About Subplot Design Inc.

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