We just couldn’t resist the pun. Or the chance to celebrate our love of postage stamps. After all, we have had the great pleasure to design 3 sets of stamps for Canada Post to date … with more to come.


For our 2013 Christmas card, we took Canada Post’s “Picture Postage” to a whole new level. Generally only used to print photos of newborns and puppies, Picture Postage is a great way to add your own artwork to actual, real stamps. Yes, real.


So – we figured we would help out our clients and friends with four custom-designed stamps:

+ “Sorry, I’m Late” for those belated Christmas wishes

+ “Aww… you shouldn’t have. No really” for unwanted gifts

+ “Happy non specific denomination” for, well, whatever you celebrate

+ “You’re welcome for my prompt payment” for your favourite credit card


And if you’d like to get on next year’s Christmas lists, then you better be good. Or really, really naughty. And drop us a line why don’t you.