Chilliwack, BC (Nov. 4, 2014) – The cherished bond we share with our pets, and our devotion to nourishing them with love, attention, shelter and food throughout their lives is an insight that has sparked a new integrated communications campaign from Petcurean Pet Nutrition, creator of GO! and NOW FRESH premium-quality foods for dogs and cats.

Once again, Petcurean turned to long-time creative partner, Subplot Design Inc. to bring this insight to life.


When we decide to bring a dog or a cat into our lives it’s a life-changing moment that evokes our most natural instincts to nurture and protect. This decision also brings us profound joy and rewards, through every little thing our pets do for us in return. “It struck us that people’s bond with their pets has a distinct similarity to their bond with their own family members and children”, says Roy White, Subplot Founder and Creative Director. “So it made sense to celebrate this extended ‘family bond’ throughout the campaign, and demonstrate this by expressing a variety of shared, intimate moments and interactions”.


The campaign, Nourish for Life, comes to life by using emotionally-charged portraits of children and pets, engaging in a variety of everyday activities. Accompanying each visual treatment is a long list of  typical interactions, from “Play” and “Cherish”, to “Nourish”, “Teach” and “Hug”. The full campaign line, “Nourishing the ones we love, for life” encapsulates the essence of the campaign and provokes the question, “if our pets are part of our families, shouldn’t we feed them with the same love and care”?


During the development of the campaign concept, the client & creative team happened upon the work of amateur Russian photographer, Elena Shumilova, who has recently captured the world’s attention with her endearing photos of children sharing tender moments with pets. Shumilova’s photographs have been showcased in media worldwide, including the Huffington Post, ABC News, and the Daily Mail (UK).


“The images Elena has contributed to our Nourish for Life campaign are able to fully express the depth of the human/pet bond, in a way that words alone never could,” says Jaimie Turkington, Director of Marketing for Petcurean. “She captures something pure, yet powerful about our relationships with our pets that will connect with all kinds of pet parents, anywhere in the world. We were looking for a visual way of representing these feelings, and saw in Elena’s work a natural fit with Petcurean’s own commitment to nourishing the ones we love, for life.”


“I felt so inspired in creating these images, because the theme of the Petcurean campaign is very close to my own heart,” says Shumilova. “Pets are members of our family and there’s nothing more natural and more important than the desire to care for someone you love.”


Subplot was tasked with the campaign creative, including application to print, social media, paid and earned online media, and a full events and trade campaign.


In addition to Subplot Design Inc. and Petcurean’s growing internal consumer and trade marketing team, Turkington hand-picked an integrated virtual agency of powerhouses, including veteran copywriter and Subplot colleague, Pete Pallett; digital strategy agency, 6S Marketing Inc.; and PR firm, Harbinger Communications Inc.


During the campaign, Petcurean is inviting the world to experience their premium-quality pet food recipes, by offering tens of thousands of free trial bags of GO!TM and NOW FRESHTM products. The campaign will run from fall 2014 through to summer 2015 and will include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter activity, web ads, participation at trade shows and consumer events, and a significant in-store presence at pet specialty retailers.


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