Vancouver, BC (September 1, 2013) –, the “Opinonated Hikers” and publishers of over a dozen hiking and camping titles, have released the 4th edition  of Where Locals Hike in the Canadian Rockies with the help of Subplot Design Inc.


Known for their highly creative and opinionated writing as well as their spectacular photography and detailed directions, founders, Kathy and Craig Copeland, are constantly striving for excellence in every book they publish.


From their website:


“Boots, pack, and a guidebook. Those are the three essentials. Recognizing the guidebook’s importance to your enjoyment and safety, we’ve laboured to ensure ours are as well crafted as any boot, as thoughtfully engineered as any pack.


Guidebooks, by definition, should guide. To do that, they must winnow and recommend. There’s no reason for guidebooks to languish as an inferior subspecies of literature. And guidebooks, like the wild lands they describe, should stir you.


Demand more of guidebooks. We do.”


Where Locals Hike in the Canadian Rockies is available immediately on’s website and at retailers across the country: