Vancouver, BC (April 21, 2020) – It’s not unusual for established and busy copywriters to let their Brand Identities take a backseat to actually doing work for their clients. Take Pete Pallett, a creative partner and friend for 26 years. Pete’s identity was old, stale and didn’t reflect the direction his business has taken in recent years; back to writing, pure and simple. And weird and wacky. And everything in between.


That’s where Subplot Design Inc. came in: to breathe new life into Pete’s logomark and identity, from social posts and website to unique business cards and stationery.


Pete has been Subplot’s longstanding copywriting partner for 16 years, and Matthew’s partner for a decade before that. His ability to learn about a business segment and then bring his comprehension, wisdom, and clarity to the problem at hand in a way that is actually “human” and relatable is amazing. He brings clarity to the complex, and an intelligence and smile to storytelling.


“To me, Pete is a true ‘copywriter’”, says long-time friend and colleague, Matthew Clark, Founder & Creative Director at Subplot Design. “He’s really flexible and is able to tackle so many varied projects, bringing such an intelligence, clarity and often wittiness to his work.

“And he can actually write long-form copy”, adds Matthew, “not just short ad-y headlines (which are great as well). So it only made sense to use Pete’s long-form copywriting right at the fore of this Identity System.”


The main logomark plays with Pete’s initials, “PP”, to form stylized quotation marks, indicative of speech and writing and storytelling. The colour palette draws from the most basic of copywriting tools: the humble pencil yellow and graphite grey.


The identity system leads with long-form copywriting; the business card front is filled completely with copywriting that weaves Pete’s contact information into the body of the story. From his website to social posts that have a Seth Godin feel, writing takes the lead.


“In ad agencies, I’d collaborate with art directors, and that was great. But I’d never had a total ‘mind meld’ experience as I had when I first started working with Matthew and later, Roy and the rest of the Subplot team”, says Pete Pallett. “The ideas just come so easily and even the most arduous projects are effortless. Having a strong creative strategy is key, and it’s the footwork and brand foundation that Subplot excels at. Working with them is pure, unadulterated joy. When, what I believe is one of the top brand design firms in Canada came to me and said they had an idea for my Identity System, I was chuffed. Over the moon.”


A simple promotional idea – a pencil with “Pete Pallett Writes So you don’t have to” – has become a unique and powerful tool for Pete to remind art directors, designers and brand managers to consider him for future copywriting opportunities.


Pete continues, “And of course, I tell them the catch is that I come in and sharpen the pencil for them myself, once I get the first gig. Everyone gets a chuckle. I love seeing these pencils in use at places I’d never imagined them. Like, at my gym. The pencil and business card, presented together, make a formidable impression on clients. They get it right away. And you can’t ask for anything more from a Brand Identity. Subplot nailed it. And full disclosure here: Matthew himself wrote that line on the pencil, and I told him ‘I’m not changing it. It’s perfect.'”


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About Pete Pallett Writes
Over the course of a long and storied career, I’ve written for young, at risk IV drug users, written for cigarette smokers, written for high school kids to help them learn about HIV/AIDS and I’ve written for people with spinal injuries. I’ve written copy for cat owners and dog owners and for dogs themselves. I’ve written for an NGO in the Bronx, for a start-up in France, and on behalf of a for-profit in Texas. I’ve been to the Hibernia oil fields and helped market an offshore rig, and I’ve written for environmental organizations. I’ve written 400 page websites, and snappy single word headlines, and songs that puppets sang. There’s no project that intimidates me, and few problems that perplex me. That’s what years and years of experience brings you. Confidence. Ease. Form. Endurance. And I love the heavy lifting.