Vancouver, BC (September 29, 2009) – When it came time to re-examine some of Subplot Design Inc’s own self-promotional materials, they noticed that the “Self-Promotional Video” was a new phenomenon popping up on many local and international design firm and agency websites over the past year. But as anyone would expect from Subplot, they have subverted the format with their first “SubplotReel”which launched online yesterday.


“We just kept seeing the same old clichés out there”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot Principal and Creative Director.


“Ridiculously fast, rock-and-roll videos; pretentious, arty, pseudo-philosophizing; and photography so abstract and blurry that you can’t even make out the quality of the work itself. So when it came time to do our own video, we knew we had to poke fun and turn the paradigm on its head”.


The video takes a direct run at three very tired clichés in self-promotional videos, and then switches gears to give Subplot’s clear and concise point-of-view on the power of Real Ideas, the definition of Great Design, and the power and scope of one of Subplot’s key strengths: Complete Brand Identity creation.


“We are dedicated to finding strategic solutions to our client’s tough business and marketing problems, and we do this through unique, relevant and memorable brand design”, adds Clark. “So when it came time to do our own video, why would we approach it any differently?


The video is part of a new promotional platform for Subplot that also encompasses new corporate brochures, a newly redesigned eNews email marketing system, and other key business development and brand-building tools.


A list of other “self-promotional reels” from other local, national and international websites is available from Subplot upon request.


About Subplot Design Inc.
Subplot Design Inc. is a leading brand design firm with international experience in creating category-defining corporate and consumer brands. We specialize in powerful ideas that build intelligent, relevant, stand-out brands and communications in what has become an increasingly competitive marketplace. From our Vancouver, BC owned and operated offices, we do this with breakthrough creative brand design including Logomarks + Identity, Brand Packaging, Product Design, Print Communications, Annual Reports, and Retail Identities + Environments.