Vancouver, B.C. (February 7, 2006) – Ryders Eyewear, the premiere supplier of affordable, quality performance eyewear, commissioned Subplot Design Inc. to help them connect with their biking, wintersports, motorsports and lifestyle consumers through a breakthrough integrated creative campaign. The advertising campaign, catalogue and point-of-sale system launched internationally last week at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Ryders Eyewear was born in 1986 as a collaboration of now President, Brent Martin, a competitive mountain bike racer, and his father, the owner of a traditional sunglasses company, Suntech Optics. The first sunglass, “The Ryder”, became the genesis for this innovative brand made for and by avid riders. The Ryders brand has grown over the past 20 years to include major distribution in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Scotland.


“The eyewear market has been flat for years”, begins President, Brent Martin. “Many of the major players are sitting back on the laurels of their success, and are failing to innovate new technologies that really address the needs of avid riders and racers. They may have grown multi-million dollar brands based on style and trend, but they have lost touch with their consumers”.


“Real riders will do anything for their sport”, continues Martin. “They want eyewear that works as hard as they do, and is specifically designed for their activities. That’s what the Ryders is all about”.


The task of bringing this corporate and product vision to life fell to the Ryders Brand Manager, Stella Tinglin. “The 2006 Ryders Eyewear campaign needed to not only introduce the latest styles and technologies, it had to forge a stronger connection with the consumers who this brand is all about”, says Tinglin. “This brand is primarily about authenticity: authentic riders who want authentic products, not just trend brands. Our 2006 Campaign had to reflect those values”.


After an agency search, Tinglin hired Subplot Design Inc. to develop the creative strategy and campaign, and to implement the campaign across the entire platform, including Catalogues, Tradeshow Booths, Consumer Advertising, Point-of-Sale and Sales Collateral. Tinglin was impressed by Subplot’s combination of strategy and breakthrough creative for such clients as sportswear brands CycLite and StrideLite, publisher, Earl’s Restaurants, the Vancouver Aquarium, and previous sports-related work by Subplot’s principals.


“It was clear to us that we had to break through the many clichés in the sports eyewear market”, states Subplot principal and lead designer, Matthew Clark. “Nearly every sports eyewear brand and sports brand out there does the same thing: show a cool guy doing a cool trick on his bike or snowboard, add some cool scratchy type on it, and call it a day. It is only “cool” by association. It says nothing unique or relevant about the brand or the product.”


“In fact, you can often not even make out the glasses in the ad”, continues Clark. “It is lazy category-cliché advertising like this that makes a category falter. Everyone is copying each other and is afraid to stand out and say something unique about their brand.”


The Ryders campaign does not shy away from being unique. The campaign is based on the lengths that authentic riders go with the sports they love. They expect their “Ryders” to suit their riding. Ryders Eyewear is a “match” for each individual riders and how they push themselves in their sport, whether it is the match between Red Snow Goggles and a red bloody nose, Tan Cycling Glasses and a muddy face, or the Black Motorcycle Goggles and a fly-encrusted face. Ryders match riders: it is all about the product and the user. This is what “Ride For Real” truly means.


“I am absolutely thrilled with what Subplot has done with this campaign, says Brent Martin. “They have connected so well with our consumer and have come up with a truly outstanding campaign. Over the years, we have worked with the huge ad agencies and small design firms, but Subplot stands out by bringing us a high level of smart, creative thinking combined with just being great and easy to work with. I look forward to working with them as we continue to evolve this brand”.


Feedback at the campaign launch at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006 was overwhelming, with new listings being signed at the show. Products will be in store starting in early Spring and will be supported by national magazine advertising in specialty magazines, and heavy retailer activity throughout the year.


About Ryders Eyewear

Ryders Eyewear, based in adrenaline sport mecca North Vancouver, British Columbia, puts their backyard to good use testing the endurance and performance attributes of their eyewear products. Ryders is the leader in the new price point eyewear category, providing quality performance eyewear at an amazing value in the biking, wintersports, motorsports and lifestyle categories.


About Subplot Design Inc.

Subplot Design Inc. is a leading brand design firm with international experience in creating category-defining corporate and consumer brands. We specialize in powerful ideas that build intelligent, relevant, stand-out brands and communications in what has become an increasingly competitive marketplace. From our Vancouver, BC owned and operated offices, we do this with breakthrough creative brand design including Logomarks + Identity, Brand Packaging, Product Design, Print Communications, Annual Reports, and Retail Identities + Environments.