Vancouver, BC (March 20, 2007) – A brand new entry into the premium tea market and determined to make its mark, FullyLoadedTea selected Subplot Design Inc. to create the complete brand identity and packaging system for its roll-out across North America. FullyLoadedTea launched their first 6 blends this week at the BC Food Service Expo 2007 in Vancouver and at the Natural Products Expo West 2007 in Anaheim, California.


Tired of mass-produced, “dust”-filled teabags, sour herbal teas, and tasteless green and black teas, FullyLoadedTea set out to do something about it. They created a line of powerful blends for people who want to complement their healthy lifestyles, using real whole fruit, real berries, and real whole leaf green, black and white teas. The ingredients include hard-to-find and exotic fruits like Tibetan Goji, Sub-arctic Lingonberry and Siberian Seabuckthorn. Each tea blend is enclosed in a pyramid bag, that allows for more room for the ingredients to expand and for the flavour to fill the cup. And for a target-market of young urban professionals and upper-income luxury-lovers, this product would need a brand personality that was as outgoing as the bold tastes of the tea blends.


“It was very important to us that our teas were crafted with a purity and bold flavour that is uncommon even in the premium tea market”, says Katya Popoff, co-founder of FullyLoadedTea with Olga Lenova. “To go hand-in-hand with this bold flavour, we needed to create a bold and innovative brand personality for our consumer that avoided all the “tea clichés” out there. This needed to be a tea with attitude!”


Subplot crafted the mantra, “FullyLoadedTea. For a watered-down world”, and with it, the challenge to other teas that FullyLoadedTea is the “bold, opinionated, full-flavor, big attitude line of whole leaf and all-fruit teas and tisanes in a world of the ‘watered-down’ and ‘wishy-washy’”.


“In helping to express the FullyLoadedTea brand, we realized that they fundamentally defied convention on every level”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot principal and lead designer on the project. “Where other teas are weak and sour, FullyLoadedTea is bold and flavourful. Where others are quiet and subdued, they are bold and outspoken. And where others are ancient and exotic, they are modern and here-and-now”. Matthew adds, “To be truly outspoken, FullyLoadedTea needed to speak out against all the “wishy-washy” things in its consumer’s lives, and take a stand.”


The packaging system bares this out. Provocative and opinionated statements about the “watered-down world” dominate the package face. One whole fruit tea features, “You know what the problem with ‘whatever’ is? It’s got no guts. It just doesn’t take a stand. Well, our Bulletproof Currant Fruit Tea doesn’t have that problem. It puts it all out there and says, ‘love me or hate me, but I am me!’” The initial 6 flavours speak for themselves, with names such as Shameless Berries, Naked Strawberry, Sweet Addiction and Goji Force. The bold colours, suggesting the bold flavours to be found within, and the unmistakably modern design help the brand stand out at retail like no other.


Dedicated to better function as well as flavour, Subplot created a unique drop-front drawer system on the front of the package, instead of a typical perforated ripped front for better access to the tea sachets.


“Packaging functionality is equally as important to the end-user as the brand personality. Without it, branding can seem shallow”, adds Clark. “But when you not only express a unique personality with an innovative brand design in a relevant way to your audience, but also give the café a package that displays better for them on the counter, you give the restaurant a better way to serve the product at table-side, and you give the grocery store a way to display your product more effectively on shelf, it adds up to a successful packaging system on every level.”


Subplot Design didn’t stop at the packaging; the brand comes to life across the entire consumer and retailer experience and sales cycle. The unique sellsheet system features each flavour on a small info card, along with cards created specifically for café and grocery channels. A proprietary frosted café display and restaurant server brings the product to the foodservice consumer. Add to that a tradeshow booth and materials to gain product distribution, a corporate stationery system, promotional materials and the e-commerce enabled website (implemented by Fuse Interactive of Vancouver), and the brand is poised for great success.


Not to mention 2 innovative new vegetable-based flavours currently being packaged, Cucumber Mojo and Tomato Rebel, along with 8 new organic flavours already in development, FullyLoadedTea and Subplot Design will have a busy and productive 2007.


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