Chilliwack, BC (March 1, 2016) – When we decide to bring a dog or a cat into our lives it’s a life-changing moment that evokes our most natural instincts to nurture and protect. Petcurean Pet Nutrition’s next phase of their successful campaign, “Nourish for Life”, celebrates the cherished bonds we share with our pets and our devotion to nourishing them with love, attention, shelter and food throughout their lives


Subplot Design Inc. has built upon the highly successful campaign with brand new creative, including new Video Spots and Digital Ads, along with an integrated in-store, event and PR campaign.



“People’s bonds with their pets is profound”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot Founder & Creative Director. “Our pets’ role in the family mean that we nurture, play, cherish, teach – and nourish – them in the same way we do with all the members of our family”.


Clark adds, “Through this lens, we see our pets and children in a similar light, and the campaign expresses this bond through a series of shared, intimate interactions.”


Working again with Elena Shumilova, celebrated Russian photographer and mother (and #1 image on Flickr in 2014), the campaign takes on new life with video moments. Clark and Shumilova collaborated on the photographer’s first foray into video for the campaign.


“I just suspected that Elena’s incredible vision for interactions with pets could be brought to life even more fully through video”, says Clark. “She was so collaborative and worked so hard to express her voice through video, and the outcome is playful, intimate and stunning ”.


Two videos launch as part of the Spring/Summer Campaign. “Spring Delight” highlights a young girl’s playful interactions with her tiny Yorkshire Terrier playing in the grass and lakeside. “Summer Day” depicts a lazy summer day between a boy and his English Setter with warmth and intimacy. Touching moments pair with verbs that describe the particular bond and moments: Adore, Delight, Connect, Explore, Love.


Three other videos are ready in the wings for the Fall Campaign.


Subplot was tasked with the campaign creative, including all video direction, editing and production, and application to print, social media, paid and earned online media, and a full events and trade campaign.


Subplot Design Inc. worked on this integrated marketing campaign with Petcurean’s internal marketing team along with veteran copywriter and Subplot colleague, Pete Pallett; digital media agency, 6S Marketing Inc.; digital creative firm, Pound & Grain and PR firm, Crafted Communications.


To promote the latest Petcurean campaign and newly developed video content, a mix of digital media channels are being used to maximize audience touchpoints and reach pet lovers wherever they are.


Running throughout 2016, media placements include social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; video pre-roll on YouTube; and display ads on targeted consumer channels, industry content, and pet-friendly blogs. The campaign media plan has also been designed to support Petcurean’s appearances at consumer and trade events, while video content will run at the store-level with in-store video feeds.


WATCH: Nourish for Life “Spring Delight”

WATCH Nourish for Life “Lazy Summer”

SEE Nourish for Life Complete Campaign 



Campaign Credits

Creative Concept & Implementation: Subplot Design Inc.

Creative & Art Director: Matthew Clark, Subplot

Copywriter: Pete Pallett

Photography & Videography: Elena Shumilova

Video Production: Jacquie Shaw, Subplot

Digital Ad Production: Pound & Grain

Social Media and Trade Strategy & Implementation: Petcurean

Digital Media Strategy & Implementation: 6S Marketing Inc.

PR Strategy & Implementation: Crafted Communications (L.A.)

Client: Petcurean Pet Nutrition