Ottawa, Ontario (April 22, 2013) – Canada Post Corporation is issuing a special collector’s edition set of stamps to celebrate and promote the adoption of pets through humane societies. Canada Post partnered with past-collaborator, Subplot Design Inc., to create the beautiful 5-stamp issue and all related collector’s materials. The stamp set and collectibles launched today.


Each year close to 150,000 homeles pets are admitted to shelters across Canada. Thanks to the efforts of caring workers and volunteers, a good number of these animals are either returned to their owners or placed in new homes; unfortunately, far too many are not.


The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) represents humane societies and SPCAs that shelter animals in need. In addition to providing physical care of animals who pass through their doors – and undertaking gargantuan efforts to find them new homes – the CFHS works to promote respect for and humane treatment of all animals and is Canada’s national voice on animal-welfare issues.


The new Canada Post “Choose Adoption” stamp promotes the importance of adopting an animal from one of the many shelters across Canada.


Design Manager, Danielle Trottier, herself a long-time pet owner, wanted to ensure that this stamp design not only called attention to the plight of homeless pets in Canada and the work of organizations under the CFHS – but also educated the public about shelter animals and encouraged their adoption.


“Most shelter animals simply need a second chance and adoption comes with many benefits.  They’ve been spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and had a full vet check-up.”


Trottier adds, “Their physical health and behavior has been tested to ensure they’re ready for a new home. You not only get a new best friend and a lifetime of love, but also may be saving a life. The primary message of this issue is to inform Canadians that when they look for a pet, their first stop should be their local humane society or SPCA.”


Designed by Vancouver’s Subplot Design Inc., the set of 5 stamps was designed to invite interaction. By detaching the stamps from the backing sheet, the collector participates by releasing the pet from the kennel, and sending it en route to a new home.


“The animal models for the stamps were actual shelter animals. Their names and individual experiences are included in the stamp booklet and on the Official First Day Cover story”, says Roy White, Subplot Design Creative Director. “We thought it was really important for these stamps to show not just a dog, or a cat, but “Captain” or “Wrinkles” – allowing collectors and mailers to have a more intimate, interactive experience with the pet”.


Subplot lead designer of the stamps, Ross Chandler, adds, “We really wanted to highlight the process of adoption and what better way to illustrate that than to have the stamp removed from the backing sheet, whereby physically releasing a pet from a kennel”.


The kennels were shot by Vancouver photographer Raeff Miles Photography, and the main pet images were shot separately by Toronto-based Raina + Wilson Photography on location at the Toronto Humane Society. Yukon illustrator, Monika Melnychuk then created the “dream home” illustrations to really bring the ultimate goal of pet adoption to life: fulfilling the hopes and dreams of pets across Canada.


An Official First Day Cover envelope rounds out the story with detailed stories of each of the actual shelter animals, and names and individual experiences are included in the Stamp Booklet.



Information about the set of stamps can be found HERE

Additional images can be viewed HERE