Orlando, FL (March 4, 2015) – Canadian pet specialty food company, Petcurean Pet Nutrition has been increasing its presence internationally and throughout the US in the past number of years, including a more ambitious presence at major pet trade expos and conferences. Partnering again with their creative agency, Subplot Design Inc., Petcurean unveiled a West Coast Modern-inspired tradeshow booth at last year’s SuperZoo and again today at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.



Last year’s Global Pet Expo featured 985 exhibitors, 2,896 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches, and was attended by approximately 5,500 pet buyers from around the world. And as the pet specialty market increases each year, the need to stand out above the competition increases exponentially.


“We have been upping our game each year with our tradeshow presence”, says Petcurean Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Effectiveness, Jessica Holtz. “This year, we wanted to create a more permanent ‘home’ for Petcurean that would last over the next few years and would really represent our brand values.”


The brief to Subplot was to create a stand-out booth in a 20×20 island space and that would be accessible from multiple angles; would house product areas for Petcurean’s GO! And NOW FRESH brands; would host a semi-private boardroom with a capacity of 6 people with media capability and a general open meeting area. On top of this, the goal was to create a 5-year booth that would allow for modular graphic changes as campaigns and products changed over time, and that would be easily set-up on site and would be durable and strong.


“Petcurean has always stood for natural, pure, intelligently-conceived products, and continues to embrace its west coast Canadian roots and values, “says Subplot Creative Director, Matthew Clark. “Among other concepts, we were inspired by classic West Coast Modern design, with a focus on warm, natural, human-scale, wood homes.”


“Once we all saw this concept, we knew it was the right way to go.”



The structure is open and airy, all based on a classic post & beam style with soft fabric banners dividing the various sections without the need for hard walls. The booth tops out at 16ft high, allowing accent and feature lighting to hang from the highest points. All posts are lightweight aluminum, clad in recovered Pine Beetle Wood, a well-known scourge of BC’s forests. A centre structure houses all the flatscreen and media components, while custom tables complement the construction. The NOW FRESH section suits its fresh roots with reclaimed wood crates composing the custom shelving, while the aluminum and plexi construction of the GO! section complements its design aesthetic.


The boardroom can be closed off with sliding fabric panels, and seats 6 with a full flatscreen and media capability for making presentations and closing deals. An open meeting area can be customized for each tradeshow: Superzoo boasted a self-running slideshow of the year’s marketing and sales achievements, providing additional “proof” of the merits of signing on with the Petcurean brand, and the Global show showcases a bold image from Petcurean’s “Nourish for Life” campaign.


The response from buyers, other exhibitors and the Petcurean sales team was unanimously enthusiastic. There was literally no other booth like it at Superzoo, and the sales team was proud to land many new and outstanding contracts at the 3-day show.


“The booth design played a major role in assisting sales with the wins”, adds Scott Kellar, Petcurean’s National Sales Manager, USA. “The meeting room was a big hit: it saved time so we did not need to walk anywhere to meet, the privacy was perfect, the TVs for presentations were excellent, and all customers said it was the perfect meeting room. With that said, we were able to have successful meetings with prospective distributors and retailers.”


Subplot worked again with CTM Exhibits and their design and build team led by Scott Somers. In additional to all fabrication, CTM also handles the fulfillment, set-up and takedown and storage of the booth in between tradeshows.


Petcurean Tradeshow Booth Fast Facts:

+ 400 square feet, 16 feet high, 5,000 cubic feet

+ Inspired by West Coast Modern, post & beam homes

+ Clad in BC Pine Beetle Wood over lightweight aluminum

+ 100 sq ft boardroom with seating for 6 and flatscreen

+ 100 sq ft NOW FRESH section with wood crate shelving

+ 100 sq ft GO! section with aluminum and plexi shelving

+ 100 sq ft general Petcurean marketing section

+ Annual wine & cheese reception



+ Concept & Design: Subplot Design Inc.

+ Lead Designer: Liz Wurzinger

+ Creative Directors: Matthew Clark, Roy White

+ Media Show: Matthew Clark

+ Construction Design & Fabrication: CTM Exhibits

+ Lead Construction: Scott Somers

+ Client: Petcurean Pet Nutrition

+ Client Lead: Jessica Holtz