Vancouver, BC (January 22, 2020) – For more than 30 years, LifeScan Inc. has been committed to patient-centric innovation in diabetes, pioneering the modern era of blood glucose monitoring with the introduction of OneTouch blood glucose monitors. To expand their mission and future growth, LifeScan has partnered with Subplot Design Inc. to create a vibrant new global brand identity.


In the last decade, LifeScan has grown their footprint in diabetes to become one of the world’s leading blood glucose monitoring companies. More than 20 million people globally depend on their OneTouchbrand products to help manage their diabetes. In the U.S., LifeScan and OneTouchbrand products are recommended by more endocrinologists, primary care physicians and pharmacists than any other brand.


In October 2018 Platinum Equity, a leading private investment firm, completed the acquisition of LifeScan from Johnson & Johnson. As part of the rebirth, Subplot has created a new brand identity that refreshes, evolves and reinvigorates the LifeScan brand, breathing new life into the organization’s rich heritage in the diabetes arena.


The new LifeScan logo is the combination of a simple, elegant handwritten “wordmark” (LifeScan) with an illustrative “icon” (dandelion) that effortlessly communicates moving forward towards the future. It refreshes and evolves the LifeScan legacy logo, without losing its identity. 


“The combination of the handwritten wordmark and the organic dandelion icon gives LifeScan a strong yet approachable personality, and is a modern and empathetic translation of what LifeScan stands for”, says Subplot Founder & Creative Director, Roy White.


The dandelion is symbolic of positivity, progress and survival. Associated with physical and emotional healing, the dandelion can endure almost any living condition and, as such, represents overcoming hardship by standing strong and proud, surviving through difficulties, and offering hope for the future. A symbolic version of a world without limits. Together, the different elements convey an impression of movement and happiness, accentuated by the flower being blown away. 


The overall refreshed design system better reflects the LifeScan mission and shared values in a relevant and ownable way. Importantly, the new logo allows LifeScan to expand to potential new disease states in anticipation of future opportunities.


Through a category audit, Subplot found the diabetes category to be littered with organizations that all use the same blue (medical) colour palette. To stand out in the category, Subplot created a bold, new, dynamic brand identity platform and colour palette based on a blue to pink gradient of colour.


“I am constantly impressed with what our partners at Subplot deliver for our business”, adds Saleem Ahamed, former LifeScan Inc. Senior Vice President, Global Franchise Organization. “They have worked with us on so many top-level strategic and planning projects that they know our business inside-out.”


“This critical project exceeded all of our expectations and the launch in LA was a huge success”, adds Ahamed.


The new platform was rolled out onto signage, stationery, enews, templates, printed collateral and a full launch event in LA.