It was a long lead-up to Petcurean’s big film premiere, “Savour Every Moment”, at the Tribeca Family Street Festival back in April. And by all measures, it was a highly successful one. Much more activity is in the works for Petcurean’s “Savour Every Moment” campaign across multiple media channels. Please stay tuned.


Until then, please enjoy our short documentary:



The Results:

+ Record Family Festival attendance: over 325,000
+ Enthusiastically received at the festival
+ Long line-ups for “celebrity pet” photos
+ Almost 1 million film views since the premiere



Subplot’s Role:

+ Planning & Brand Creative Direction
+ Film Consultation
+ Facebook Contest Portal Design
+ Event Collateral Design


Special thanks to:
+ Petcurean: fantastic client
+ Keith Hopkin, NY: “Savour Every Moment” film director
+ Harbinger, TO: Campaign concept, media & pr
+ Pete Pallett, VAN: Creative & copywriting