April 19, 2017 (Chilliwack, BC) – Pet Parents are looking for premium options to feed their pets that are in alignment with the food choices they make in their everyday lives – like non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian and organic ingredients. Subplot Design Inc.’s new campaign for Petcurean Pet Nutrition celebrates this in a multi-touchpoint campaign for the new recipe line, GATHER, launching this week.


Out in stores last fall, GATHER is a new pet food line crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients. The recipes are perfectly blended to provide dogs and cats complete, balanced natural nutrition with premium quality ingredients.


Each recipe is free from rendered or genetically engineered ingredients and features single source, fresh and dehydrated primary proteins like Organic Free-run chicken; MSC Certified, line-caught Alaskan cod; and Vegan-certified peas – as well as premium ingredients like MSC Certified krill, lentils, chickpeas, organic flaxseed and other essential ingredients.


“We know that people who believe in certified, organic and sustainable ingredients for themselves and their families go to great lengths to find them”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot Founder & Creative Director. “And how do you know they believe in these foods? They tell you”.


“Pet parents are increasingly expecting this quality in foods for their pet family members too”, adds Clark. “And we think pets approve”.



Three iterations of the campaign launch this spring: “I VEG”, “KISS ME I’M ORGANIC” and “HECK NO GMO”, and each appears as pet tags and collars on extreme close-ups.


The campaign launches primarily through digital channels, including pet and premium human food-centric sites and includes static and animated ads. A strong social push will include the “pet tag” creative as well as other social engagement activities under the hashtag #GATHERtogether. Additional campaign support includes in-store, customized retailer promotions and contests, as well as collaboration with top pet bloggers.


Campaign Credits
Creative Concept & Implementation:
Subplot Design Inc.

Copywriting: Pete Pallett
Photography: Raeff Miles Photography
(David Elllingsen: fur)
Digital Media Strategy & Implementation: 6S Marketing
Client: Petcurean Pet Nutrition