May 11, 2012

Marketing Magazine Online

by Eve Lazarus


GO! Brand Film

NOW Fresh Brand Film


Following its rebranding, Vancouver-based Petcurean Pet Nutrition has released two promotional film spots to reinforce its new identity and market its premium pet foods at specialty retail stores across North America.


The spots come from Subplot Design – which oversaw last year’s rebrand and package redesign– and Aspect Films. They focus on the company’s Go and Now Fresh product lines.


The Go spot reinforces the tagline, “Created to put more life into your pet” and echoes the packaging style, which features large type and black and white action shots of everyday dogs.


“The pets featured on the packaging and in the brand film are real pets that use our food,” said Jaimie Turkington, marketing manager at Petcurean. “We wanted to play off that whole notion of energy and activity and vitality, and we felt the dramatic black and white shots with the gorgeous pets in action really exemplified that value proposition.”


The ad for Now Fresh is inspired by the brand positioning line, “It could only be fresher if you made it from scratch,” said Matthew Clark, principal and creative director at Subplot. It features a woman, with her dog in tow, shopping at farmers’ markets and butcher shop for fresh ingredients, reinforcing the brand’s claim of using 100% fresh meats and oils.


Turkington said the core customer for the Go and Now Fresh brands is typically a 25-to-55 year old woman either pre- or post-children. “They don’t necessarily have young children at home,” he said. “Their pet is a member of their family and they want the best for their pet just like a mom wants the best for her children.”


The brand spots will run online and through in-store video networks.


• Nice Package: Look better, greener on the shelves


Since the relaunch of the packaging last fall, Turkington said the company has experienced record sales and increased penetration into U.S. specialty stores.


Petcurean also recently engaged Toronto-based Harbinger to build its brand through non-traditional marketing channels. “With an itty bitty budget and a territory the size of North America, it’s a big task,” said Turkington. “We are looking at social media, earned media, sponsorship and events where we can get our product in people’s hands.”