March 7, 2017 (Vancouver, BC) – As part of Petcurean Pet Nutrition‘s 2017 Nourish for Life integrated campaign, Subplot Design Inc. has created a series of cinemagraphs for use across their social channels.

When we decide to bring a dog or a cat into our lives it’s a life-changing moment that evokes our most natural instincts to nurture and protect. This next phase of Petcurean’s successful campaign, “Nourish for Life”, celebrates the cherished bonds we share with our pets and our devotion to nourishing them with love, attention, shelter and food throughout their lives


“Animated GIFs and cinemagraphs have certainly increased in popularity over the past year”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot Founder & Creative Director. “When done poorly that can be pretty creepy (moving eyeballs) or really cheesy (wagging tails).”

“But done right”, adds Clark, “cinemagraphs can really help a brand stand out with playful, fun motion that increases visibility and engagement and that disrupts expectations in the social environment.”


Working this time with local photographer and videographer, Bryant Bell of Aspect Films, Subplot created two still shots for digital advertising and six cinemagraphs for use across the social spectrum. Each cinemagraph highlights an authentic pet-parent interaction along with unique motion in the image.


Subplot Design Inc. worked on this integrated marketing campaign with Petcurean’s internal marketing team along with veteran copywriter and Subplot colleague, Pete Pallett; and digital media agency, 6S Marketing Inc. Digital ads and cinemagraphs are flighting this winter and spring, and will be updated with new creative later in the year.



Campaign Credits

Creative Concept & Implementation: Subplot Design Inc.

Photography & Videography: Bryant Bell, Aspect Films

Digital Media Strategy & Implementation: 6S Marketing

Client: Petcurean Pet Nutrition