Detroit, MI (October 23, 2017) — Canada Post and US Postal Service (USPS) teamed up with Subplot Design Inc. to celebrate 100 years of Hockey in Canada and the USA. Subplot was challenged to create a stamp-set that celebrates the historical evolution of the sport as well as the countries’ shared love for the game.


Both countries’ stamps were unveiled on Friday the 20th by USPS Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan and Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopra at a ceremony at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI.


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The stamp set consists of a tête-bêche (head to tail): two stamps connected vertically and a reflection of each other. The top stamp shows a modern-day player while his reflection depicts the same player in historic clothing and equipment. On first look this creates the illusion of a player reflected in the ice.


Subplot commissioned Toronto based sports photographer KC Armstrong to help bring this ambitious scene to life. “The real challenge was to capture the hockey-player in authentic motion,” remembers Roy White, Subplot Founder and Creative Director. “And then to duplicate that exact same movement with the player in historical clothing to create the illusion of a perfect reflection.”


“Whichever way you look at the stamp, or flip it, the adjoining stamp is a hockey player’s reflection in the ice.”


The idea of mirroring the two players continues on to the vertically folded booklet of 10 stamps, with the unique approach of two front covers: one featuring the modern player, the other the vintage player. When unfolded, the reflection is revealed and the historical concept highlighted once again. Further elements created for this series include a First Day Cover (an envelope for collectors featuring the souvenir sheet) and a cancellation mark.


The scene on the souvenir sheet shows a man and young girl playing a game of pick-up hockey, skating around a make-shift goal in front of a scenic frozen lake vista. This shot was created to extend the stamp image beyond the stamp and to reinforce the “grass roots” family experience of pond hockey. Multiple shots were used and all brought together to create the final image with help of post-production wizard Brad Pickard.


“The frozen pond and setting presented the perfect backdrop for this stamp-set.”, says Liz Wurzinger, Senior Designer on the project. “It’s where all generations and skill levels of players come together, kids, parents and grandparents, wobbly first-timers and semi-professional league-players. We wanted to celebrate the sense of community and hockey traditions that are treasured on frozen ponds throughout both Canada and the US.”


This stamp set is only the 8th collaboration between USPS and Canada Post in their long-standing history of joint issues since 1959.


Subplot is excited to see their design grace both Canadian and US stamps for the first time. All products will be available for purchase in their respective stores starting today.



Concept & Design: Subplot Design Inc.

Creative Directors: Roy White, Matthew Clark

Designer: Liz Wurzinger

Photo: KC Armstrong

Retouching: Brad Pickard

Printer: Lowe Martin